IN TOUCH MEN grows out of a void within our community, for a safe place men can visit to learn about their bodies and their energies while exploring

massage, conscious-touch, bodywork, and body awareness, in a supportive non-sexually motivating environment.


"When setting out in search of a place like this, I was not able to find it. Instead, I found self-help practices that disregarded touch, Tantric practices that linked most male-to-male touch quickly to sexual exploration, or places that said one thing like "NUDE YOGA" and inevitably led to erotic muddy gray areas. So I decided to create a space for men to get IN TOUCH with their natural ability to develop a conscious-touch and bodywork practice that expands personal awareness

and supports communal health and well-being."

Brian R .

IN TOUCH, MEN's gatherings are not sexual in nature.

However, they can be sensual in that they stimulate all your senses."SENSUAL"  is a loaded word these days. Remember guys, the largest organ in your body is your organ of touch, the skin.


The body knowledge you gain at

IN TOUCH MEN will enhance

all areas of your life

from the "MUNDANE" to the "EROTIC."

Join us at a gathering or book a professional

massage session today.