• I thought I wanted to become a Roman Catholic Priest in my early teens (turns out I had a thing for the frilly gowns they wore).

  • I started selling nutritional supplements in the 1980’s, worked at the original Whole Foods Market in Austin, Texas, as their Herb Buyer in 1990, and became a Certified Nutritional Consultant many years later.

  • I was struck by a car in 2011. I started attending nude Yoga classes very regularly to help me recover from my injuries and avoid the use of Opioids. Yoga saved my life!

  • I became a Certified Yoga Instructor in 2016 at the Joschi Yoga Institute.


Working with YOGI EDD is so much fun. His warm heart is AMAZING. His classes are easy to understand and educational. I had never done yoga before my IN TOUCH MEN yoga with EDD, I am so glad this is where I started, the classes are small, only 5 other guys, I felt like I had the attention I needed to learn.

Smiling Man


Like EDD I have had some health issues in my day. I wanted to find a place I could relax, be open, and find wellness with other like-minded men. I enjoy being nude and find EDDS classes to be so worth the time. I have met some amazing guys. Its always interesting looking around the room at all the bodies.