Brian R

At the foundation of my hands-on studies is the quest to bring balance to both mind and body.

I strive in my practice and my men's group to offer practical knowledge for men to gain a deeper understanding of their bodies and energy.

I always remember walking into my first Massage class, my first Anatomy lecture, my first Kundalini Yoga workshop.  In each, something inside me shifted, my mind opened, and I changed on a profound level. 

For the past 14 years, BODYWORK and KUNDALINI YOGA have helped my body, mind, and soul in more ways than I can express in words. Each teaches me something every time I explore it.

I hope you will come and join me at a gathering soon,
I love to share as much as I love to learn.


I agree with what Brian said above. Kundalini Yoga is a trip!

No "Pretzel" postures however THIS YOGA KICKS MY BUTT in the best way possible. I LOVE IT. Super glad to have found a class in NJ for guys.

All I can say is DO IT!

It will change you.

Young Man Smiling in the Office


My life and my work are super stressful. Kundalini Yoga cuts the stress out like nothing else. After a class I am back to feeling like myself. Its fun and always mind opening.

Young Doctor