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Once again we hosted another AMAZING!!!! INTRO TO IN TOUCH MEN workshop! 5 brave men made their way out on a snowy Saturday morning in March to dive head first into learning what their hands can do.

I use the word hands loosely because TOUCH-BODYWORK-MASSAGE, what ever you want to call it is so much more then just placing your hands on another person. Touch is, grounding, energetic, healing, social, complex, simple, and most of all integral to our shared human experience.

Yesterday some beautiful takeaways were shared by the group, these takeaways happen at the end of all IN TOUCH MEN workshops. After we are finished with the multi-leveled process that takes place at our INTRO TO IN TOUCH MEN workshops, one of the last things we do is go around the room and share with each other something we experienced during either the giving or receiving sides of the TOUCH we experienced.

This moment for me has become one of the most interesting and educational parts of our IN TOUCH MEN workshops. I, being the moderator, spend my time with the group, instructing, keeping the flow moving, doing demos, getting waivers signed, setting up tables, hanging signs…. blah blah blah. (Super necessary and this time with an AMAZING assistant! Who did a fantastic job! however, not as nice as laying on a table and getting some TOUCH.)

But back to my point, the takeaways… Yesterday, discussions of ENERGY came up. Vito said a beautiful thing about how the energy of even a simple touch, when given consciously and intentionally can so quickly bring balance to the receiver of that touch. Pai and Bruce had some great things to say about how energetics played a big part from both the giving and receiving sides of the TOUCH EQUATION. My amazing assistant Jose and I started a great conversation when everyone had left about the energy in the room, and how it shifted, swirled, and changed as we observed different people working together. It was a beautiful workshop and the takeaways were insightful and educational once again!

One of my takeaways was that I am so grateful for my wonderfully strange life that has given me the opportunity to get to know the men of my community in this way. Six men, complete strangers, came together on a snowy Saturday morning, spent 2 hours together and left, relaxed, inspired, engaged, educated on CONSCIOUS TOUCH and, as I hope with all my workshops, friends who will continue to explore this ENERGY together.

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