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We had a fantastic full-day INTOUCHMEN massage workshop this past weekend. THANK YOU to all the guys who came to touch and be touched!

Touch is our original form of communication; however, as we age, it distorts. For men, touch as adults usually land in a limited space. As we move from childhood into adulthood, the simplicity of enjoying the platonic balancing power touch has become clouded by sexual stimulation and or aggression.

Returning to the simplicity of exploration is vital, and communication, intent, and consent are critical. The power of touch is enormous, and when broken down and looked out in the INTOUCHMEN sequence, it broadens. One's hands on another body can be all kinds of things, and knowing what to do, how to do it, why to do it, and where to do it makes your touch play much better.

Some of the ending comments from this week say it best.

" I learned that giving touch can be as relaxing as getting touch."

"I was amazed by how we were all doing the same things, but each person's hands felt so different."

"I loved this workshop's nonsexual approach to bodywork; I was always nervous about "performing," and all that disappeared. I loved being naked, getting an erection, being with other men, and relaxing into feeling my body and theirs."

We will be doing these workshops every few months. They are great for all INTOUCHMEN, beginners, or seasoned hands. It's a way to get back to basics and gain skills to help everyone you know to relax.

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