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Being naked with other men

One of INTOUCHMEN's (my men's massage group) best parts is being naked with other men. We see that we are all made of the same fabric. Some of us have long, lean bodies; others have dense muscles; some have hair; some have heft, some six packs, and some extra rolls; it's all represented, welcomed, and celebrated. The simple act of removing our clothing brings us all onto the same field.

Each person has body issues; this is something you learn when you engage with other men naked. For instance, I am skinny and have been so since I was a kid. All of me is long and slender, from my hands to C--K. Looking around, I can't help comparing what I have to others. When I started being naked around other men, they did the same. One day a beautiful, dense, hard muscular man with all his significantly thick parts said as he worked on me. "you are so long; it's so beautiful. I love massaging your legs; I always wanted long, lean legs." At that moment, I started to see myself a bit differently. I realized we all have one responsibility, and that is to respect and care for the body we have. See it, love it, work on it, and with it. After that simple encounter, I shifted and am now on a journey to celebrate my thin body, and I'm feeling more sexy and powerful than ever.

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