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Bigger is sometimes better.

I am super excited to announce that BRLMT ART & WELLNESS and IN TOUCH MEN have a beautiful new home. Best of all, we are in the exact great location on Valley rd, in Montclair, New Jersey.

Monday, while working with a friend and active member of IN TOUCH MEN, I realized what I love most about this new healing space. Brought back as I worked to my summers massaging in Fire Island by the sunlight filling the room, I realized what an added gift and healing partner sunlight is.

Years back, when I left my art studio to study massage at The Swedish Institute, a friend and classmate hired me to work at the Greenwich av, Equinox in New York City upon graduation. I worked in their dark, small, often cramped spa rooms for eight long years; daily, I would see up to five clients in a row. I guess you could say I was in the healing trenches. Then one day, a client mentioned summering in Fire Island, and I got to thinking.

Fast forward to me rolling my portable massage table up and down the boardwalks of fire island pines. From sun-filled house to sun-filled deck, I went to see clients with the sun shining and the sea air blowing. It was a dream come true. For an additional few years, I was mobile. I would see clients in summer holiday wonderlands and their homes during the long New York City winters. Great for them; however, still not great for me.

As I commuted, I realized I again needed a change. I decided to apply for a New Jersey Massage License and began to see clients in my home. It was time to rebuild once again, a recurring theme, as you can see. So client by client, I began and quickly realized New Jersey was the place for me. In 2018 I opened my first official OFFICE in Montclair.

There I built BRLMT WELLNESS and, IN TOUCH MEN, enter COVID 19.

In one week, I went from my small business dream to our shared reality and closed my healing space down. I was lucky that my husband was still employed and that I could return to my art studio for grounding and balance.

As the days clicked by, I painted and drew and painted some more. Every day I dreamed of returning to touch. I went from working hands-on with so many amazing people to alone. I rested, I recalibrated, I focused, and I created.


I am back BIGGER AND BETTER than before. The healing space is ample, the walls show art, and the sun-filled room is warm and ready for all my amazing clients and IN TOUCH MEN to return.

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