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Can I touch your PARONEAL...

Happy New Year! BRLMT wellness and IN TOUCH MEN is looking forward to a wonderful 2020 with lots of time spent making people feel better. I love knowing that the work I do helps people on such a simple level, reconnecting to their bodies.

So many times as I work with massage, people are surprised how much the body readjusts during a session. Countless clients are reengaged with areas they had no idea they even had. Whether we are active or inactive our musculature is effected. For instance the tibial muscles and peroneal muscles of the lower leg……

Some of us are constantly on the go and others constantly sitting at a desk. With both activity and inactivity our legs can hold an amazing amount of tension. Walking, the most common form of movement, happens not only on flat but also on uneven surfaces where a constant loss and regaining of balance occurs. This constant adjusting taxes the muscles of the lower legs. Sitting with our legs in stasis, maybe with the ball of our feet pressed into the floor, also taxes this area as we apply unneeded pressure to our ankle joint. Muscles are connected to joints and the main balancing function of this joint is performed by the tibial muscles and peroneal muscles. Releasing tension in this area can feel amazing and benefit the entire body system.

I find it helpful when looking at the body to view it from different perspectives. If we take a moment to see this area of the body from an Eastern approach we can learn a lot. We all know the term Acupuncture. This wonderful body modality looks at different energetic pathways that exist in the human body. Different energetic points along these pathways when stimulated effect the overall body system in different ways. If we look at the area around the above mentioned muscles, (tibial and peroneal muscles) we find a wonderful energetic point know as Stomach 36 or Zusanli a.k.a. Leg Three Miles…

Stomach 36 is a really GREAT point everyone should know about. It is one of the most widely used Acupuncture points on the body because it is so powerful. Here’s a little legend about this point, based on the English name translation: Leg Three Mile

“Chinese warriors would wear leather sashes with stones hanging from either side of their waist while they hiked across the vast countryside to protect their nation. When the warriors became exhausted, to the point where they just couldn’t go any further, they would kneel down to rest. The stones would naturally land at Stomach 36 on each leg.  Upon arising from this bended knee position, with pressure on Stomach 36, when the soldiers arose they found extra hidden renewed strength and were able to hike “three more miles”…

Here are some things you should know about Stomach 36. Treatment of this point will energize you, boost your immune system, and help with any digestive disorders.

So there you have it, who knew the lower leg held so many secrets. With massage, done correctly, you should not only feel amazing but leave knowing a bit more about where tension lies in your body so you can continue to advance your knowledge and self care.



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