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Consensual Sensual and Consensual Sexual touch. What is the difference?

I had a wonderful chat with a friend yesterday about the difference between consensual sensual and consensual sexual touch. He stated that both were the same in his mind and asked me how I made a distinction in my men's workshops.

How I see it is this. It is all about intention and energy. Great Yogis have always stated that DESIRE is the most potent force in the universe. It is what makes everything happen. After all, the desire for nothingness to know itself manifested all of creation. But more on that another time.

Consensual sensual touch builds energy and creates an atmosphere that stimulates the senses, creativity, and healing of both the giver and the receiver. Sensual touch stimulates.

Sexual touch can include sensual touch; however, it's a continuation from, taking one's energy to its climax, thus releasing its power into the ethers.

This point of releasing energy is the key distinction for me.

Once energy is released, it's all downhill ( for most ). It's a beautiful beginning to rest and recovery; however, our power is used and sent outside the body. With consciously directed sensual touch, our power can expand our healing energy inside the body. If used and properly directed this sensually derived fuel engages us in exploring and expanding our understanding of how much broader touch can be.

This is what my men's work is about. So next time you are touching or are being touched think about that edge and see if you can ride it for a bit before letting your power go. You may enjoy the results of keeping it inside.

S canal st studio 2016 Brian R

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