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If you are a person focused on creative pursuits or operating a creative business, a massage can be highly beneficial. The mental stress that comes from prolonged intense focus on a particularly taxing subject translates directly into physical stress. This transference is tricky. I will save you my brief UBER MASSAGE GEEK technical explanation of this for latter, Just know… It is true what they say YOUR MIND AND YOUR BODY ARE CONNECTED.

During any creative process if your physical body is left unattended the surplus of mental stress can lead to muscular pain, physical anxiety, lack of sleep, general irritability and lack of focus, resulting in creative blocks. Your bodies (natural) reaction to mental stress is literally preventing your creative juices from flowing.

Our, body-mind system, as I like to call it, was built to work together, SORRY GUYS…we were not designed to be hunched over a computer for hours, in a static position, mentally focused on an abstract task. The intense focus all creative projects require place blinders on an individual, massage helps lift these blinders thus allowing ideas to flow and formulate with more fluidity.

A massage, in addition to exercise, can make all difference. Specifically the manual manipulation of the muscles across your back, shoulders, neck and even feet. A trained Massage Therapist can work to loosen the binding connective tissues aka FASCIA that reaches so deeply into your physical being that it even surrounds the creative cortex of your brain. Loosen this up and give those creative ideas free reign to flow.

Swedish based massage is a particularly good technique for this purpose. It has been proven to increase the level of oxygen in the blood. Increased oxygen levels and circulation will positively impact the brain functionality, including energy levels. This encourages more motivation and focus for your creative projects.

Brian Riley LMT

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