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Dreaming of KUNDALINI

I had such a vivid dream last night. The kind that makes you think twice about when being “awake" happens. Is it now, in my old camo sweatshirt sitting on my sofa during my morning routine of coffee, emails, and blog entries, or was it then, surrounded by the dream energies of old friends I had not seen in years. All of them, on my morning contemplation, people I made a deep heart connection with at some point in my life.

Barry was at my side; next was Carmel, however not in person but location. David unexpectedly showing up with Andrew, surprised to find us there. I remember in vivid dream color slow-motion making the point to reach out and touch Andrew’s arm, longing to create an energetic connection with this old friend.

Then others arrived a mix of old co-workers and friends of friends as we sat and talked at a dark corner table in our old stomping ground the since closed like so many of its magical sister places, New Yorks Tempel Bar.

As they arrived, I noticed how they wore beautiful costumes that matched their remembered personalities. Then, things shifted in dream time as secrets surfaced of where people had been.

We ended up crammed together into a small bright city apartment looking through a giant oversized coffee table book on the history of barbie dolls...Many of these friends still drank; some were in rehab for drugs or had met at rehab and either reunited or snuck out of current programs for this evening's adventures choosing Temple Bar for its "food"...

Having also gone through a somewhat non-traditional rehabilitation of my own since the years of youth when we were all together, I felt a clarity in the bright New York apartment. As I listened to their stories of repeated programs and relapses in sobriety, I found myself standing before a giant white bell with a striking mallet in hand.

With a picture book of some sort in hand, David was lying legs stretched out on a bright white leather sofa as I began to play. The sound resonated throughout the space, I began to shout, give me six weeks, six weeks, I can teach you KUNDALINI YOGA.

Now a side note: My somewhat non-traditional rehabilitation happened 15 or so years back when I hit rock bottom. That moment needs a complete story of its own to do it justice, but now a brief few words about it for context.

Remember Carmel, as mentioned above, the number two in my list who was present in location but not in person in my "DREAM." She was my very best friend, the kind that shows up unexpectedly one day and never for a moment from that exact second leave you. A reflection in the mirror of one's soul sent from beyond as an innocently unaware teacher.

After returning to New York from a six-month twisted and fabulous Brian and Carmel, Anthony DeMello inspired cross country adventure, full of cheap wine, Key West, Dolly-WOOD, Lake Okoboji, Artsy-Tartsy, The FOUR SEASONS, dive bars, spirit possessions, WALLMART, shag carpet, dingy hotel rooms, donkeys in the badlands, Mt Rushmore, a 1978 Cadillac, and 1000's of Parliament Ciggerets; Not a month later, 9-11, and three or so months after Carmel and myself personal 9-11.

One dark, drunken night, on a street in the bowery, it all came crashing down; with confrontation and few words, Carmel and my paths parted and did not cross again for 10+ years. But I digress.

Back to David on the dream white leather sofa, and me striking the BELL shouting, give me six weeks, six weeks. KUNDALINI YOGA was where I found sobriety. In a ponder some twist of fate, to quote the magical DOLLY PARTON, "just three doors down" from Caramels apartment, the location of our 9-11, I one day walked into GOLDEN BRIDE YOGA, sadly another of New York's past magical places. There I sat in an easy pose daily, bathed In the light of an exceptional teacher, my-teacher-HARI, healing.

Now, like my friends above, I two have had relapses, never ones returning me to wine and vodka, thankfully but ones that push me away from what KUNDALINI yoga does. KUNDALINI YOGA, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, trains teachers. When you study it, and if its vibration resonates, you share that light as HARI did with me, with others.

So in this rather long, twisting and turning, dream-like morning contemplation poised to reopen my Men's Wellness Studio, I am going to take this dream as a sign that it's once again time for me to Chant ONG-NAMO -GURU-DAVE-NAMO and share KUNDALINI YOGA with my IN TOUCH friends.

We now have APRIL MASSAGE WORKSHOPS up on the site and will get the Kundalini and Hatha classes listed soon.

Also, we now have a make a donation to help the IN TOUCH MEN studio get up and going again after a long YEAR of COVID SHUTDOWN option on our website's home page.

Please consider helping out. It is appreciated immensely.

enjoy the day! BOOK A MASSAGE.


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