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From table to easel the ART of it all

As many of you know I am an Artist as well as a Massage Therapist. My art is what lead me to my healing practice and along the journey the two together have blended and danced along in very interesting ways. What I love so much about my hands-on work is how it is ever changing. Each and every time I get my hands on someone I am reminded just how fluid the human organism is. Yes we all have the same parts, however these parts are always transforming.

Often I read posts people make about my line of work and feel that people try to group and explain a muscle or a condition over a broad spectrum of people. So many times I hear the IF THIS THEN THAT approach to body work. I never feel that way in my practice. What I find when someone gets on my table is a complex, multidimensional being with layers of complex experiences manifesting into a human form. Everything this individual has ever experienced is laying in front of me and so often the parts of this system that are calling out in pain or discomfort are simply a point of tension in a multilayered complex system.

This idea has always fascinated me and is a big part of what I am now investigating in my practice as well as my art studio.

This past year I started to study Craniosacral Therapy. This modality uses very little pressure to deeply effect the subtle layers of a client's system.

With pressure equal to the weight of a nickel one works to make fine adjustment to a client's system and in so doing aid the flow of a fluid that bathes the brain and spinal column. I could go on and on and on …… however I'll leave it at, IT IS AMAZING and you need to try it.

As with all my hands-on work I find my practice to be very meditative. I often get flashes of inspiration when working and have found this happening a lot when doing Craniosacral sessions with clients. In my studio, for some time now, I have been searching for a way to produce artworks that manifest a similar feeling to the ones I experience while doing massage.

My latest series: "EXPLORING THE DURAL TUBE” seems to be doing just that.

Now is when I could get all wordy and arty about a studio process, going blah blah blah into details… However, I am too early in the process of making this new work to do such a thing, I CANNOT GIVE AWAY ALL MY SECRETS.

So I am offering up a few images of what I am working on as well as a subtle hint to all of you to consider maybe 1. buying a work of art to help support the studio….. 2. Booking a Craniosacral session to help support your health and wellness. 3. Consider researching the giving side of touch at a massage workshop or massage school and broaden your perspective of the AMAZING structure you inhabit.

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