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Goals for our group

An INTOUCHMAN asked me recently what my goal was for our group as we grow and move forward. I had to think about this for a moment.

A memory popped into my head.

Many years ago, sitting at my desk with a nasty hangover, a vision flashed before my mind's eye of a wellness space I was to open.

WTF was my response?

I had no idea how this would manifest; however, I felt deep inside that it would somehow happen. I was unwell, with no exercise, drinking, and carrying on till all-night hours, bouncing from job to job, struggling to keep afloat. But once that vision took hold over the next few weeks, my life changed, and my wellness journey began.

Fast forward 15 years. Schooling, training, working, 1000s of hours touching, more education, gym hours, yoga hours, meditation, diet, exercise, talking, learning, investigating, experimenting, succeeding, failing, stumbling, falling and getting up, Covid-19 shutdown, monkeypox...and here we are.

So my goals moving forward are this.

  1. I will hold a safe space where men can learn about themselves by sharing consensual touch with other men.

  2. I will continue to share what I learn openly and with enthusiasm.

  3. I will work to broaden my reach, bringing some version of the beautiful community we have built to more men worldwide.

  4. I will continue to better myself every day.

  5. I will accept help from those who offer and try my best to help those in need.

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