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It finally happened, I hosted the first IN TOUCH MEN NJ event and wow it was AMAZING. This was a special event for me being that it was held in my new beautiful Massage, Art, and Workshop studio in Montclair NJ.


Over the past 5 years of hosting many men’s touch events I have met and worked with so many interesting, open, caring and brave men. Take for instance Zach, my first demo volunteer at yesterday’s group, ( oh… and my second demo volunteer Zach again. ) He, without a blink, took off his shirt and lay face down on a table in front of 6 strangers willingly volunteering his body to TOUCH. BRAVO!

In that moment at yesterday’s workshop I had a clear realization of how powerful TOUCH is and how important clear communication between the giver and the receiver must be. We, 6 complete strangers were gathered together in a small room in order to explore something that has been and will always be our oldest, most instinctual, yet complex form of human communication, TOUCH.

The energy of TOUCH is powerful and its power lies in its intention. How am I approaching the touch I am giving as well as how am I experiencing the touch I am getting. In its duality lies its beauty. As they say it takes two to tango. Touch can relax or stimulate. Touch can be comforting or confrontational. Touch can be healing or hurtful. Touch can be intentional or accidental. Touch can be consensual or violating. Touch comes in as many forms as one can list.

The consciousness of your touch is what IN TOUCH MEN’S WORKSHOPS are all about.

Back to Zach, face down on a table, eager and ready to go. A perfectly equal, yet particularly vulnerable member of the touch equation. As I stood above him ready to begin my demo I saw the power of this relationship. My intention was directing the show and Zach’s reactions would lead the dance. Where this journey would go was dependent on intention and communication. After a brief Q and A our journey into COMPRESSION, the first IN TOUCH TECHNIQUE we were to explore, began.

Everyone left more relaxed, more engaged, no longer strangers, having given and received some AMAZING CONSCIOUS TOUCH.


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