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Updated: Feb 27, 2020

I cannot believe it but it has been a year! IN TOUCH MEN NEW JERSEY is now ONE….. What an adventure this has been.

I first want to thank all the AMAZING men who have come to share touch in such an open, kind and intuitive way!

I have had so much fun exploring this incredible art form with so many talented hands.

In Touch Men started as a conversation many years ago between myself and a client. He himself was interested in investigating touch and started seeking places in NYC where he could gain some skills. Along his journey he found some interesting groups, however… every event he went to ended up becoming a segue into a sex party. As we talked about what he was experiencing it got me thinking……What if one were to introduce a concept of TOUCH to these men seeking to explore what their hands can do that did not lead directly to their cocks…. What if… one began to open men up to the deeper, primal, communication, aspect of the craft or art of touch.

My gatherings began when I ran my first ever conscious touch event one cold March evening…I had 4 guys attend. Fast forward 3 years and I was packing multiple 5 week gatherings with over 40 men attending. SOMETHING WAS HAPPENING……

Then….. LIFE HAPPENED and I made the decision to break away from the business partner I was working with and set out on my own.

ENTER - IN TOUCH MEN NEW JERSEY-….. It took me some time to get over the break up, as they all do…. I found a new space and started from scratch again, building a community of men interested in exploring the multilayered aspects of TOUCH.

Looking back now one year into this NEW JERSEY adventure I can see that this was the best decision I have ever made.

IN TOUCH MEN NEW JERSEY is located in beautiful Montclair NJ. Currently our space is small, and our events consist of 4 to 12 men max. I LOVE THIS because it gives me the time to help focus on each person who attends. It also gives me a chance to jump on a table and experience for myself the AMAZING touch of N.J., That was something I could not do in NYC.

Now at this one year point a shift is again at play and a POSSIBLE, new, slightly larger space, in our current location may be HAPPENING.

This is super exciting news!

I am committed to making this expansion happen for us all. I have added more workshops to the program and ask that you all ATTEND! Your patronage is what makes all this possible!

If you would like to make a donation to the IN TOUCH MEN expansion fund, any help no matter how small will help the community we have started grow.



Brian R

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