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OH oh oh give me more ….

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

WOW WOW WOW some amazing energy manifested this week at IN TOUCH MEN.

It must be the push of Persephone eager to awaken Spring…..

Now that the days are getting one minuet longer per, the boys are getting energized.

In Tuesday evening’s BACK TO BASICS RELAXATION group we had two new IT MEN join us, JOE and JOE, It was so great to feel their touch. What I love about Tuesday nights is the mix of seasoned IT MEN and new IT MEN, it creates a super cool learning dynamic for everyone.

I opened this week’s group with a concept I have been thinking about lately, less is, sometimes more. Often when giving or receiving touch one thinks pressure, pressure, more pressure…..Deep pressure is amazing however I cannot stress enough that deep does not necessarily mean more pressure!!!! If you are using pressure to go deep one should always go gradually for it to be most beneficial. Often, it can be the incorrect approach all together and an unnecessary waste of your energy … So this week we went back to light pressure and wow did the energy start to flow.

I use the word energy a lot as it is an important key to all touch. We each have energy, chi, or life force inhabiting our bodies. As our day to day life happens we ingest energy from the world and people around us. Our body-mind system processes this energy producing positive life force as well as negative energetic residues. Our body’s soft tissues (muscles in particular) are AMAZING external hard drives for our energetic waste. Inside our bodies is a web of tissues that connect everything in us. “My leg bone is connected to my hip bone…” this weblike tissue is called FASCIA. Fascia not only holds us together it is also the network that allows the energy I talk of above to move throughout the body. Did you ever wonder why you feel so good after a massage or yoga class… You adjusted this web of tissue. Fascia should…. allow our chi, or life force to move fluidly throughout our complete system. Often patterns of tension, constrict this system and a light touch is the best way to access and readjust this space.

On Tuesday when Dean, a regular at IN TOUCH MEN, set his hands on me with light pressure, we melded. From first contact, to everywhere his hands went, his touch moved energy, dispersed energy, and adjusted energy, IT WAS AMAZING. When I focused my attention on his light pressured strokes, with no expectations of deeper work, I could feel the energy between us very keenly. Our melding was deeper than it has been in the past and, in that moment, it was EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED to relax.

As we did our traditional IN TOUCH rotation and other members worked with me, I had a chance compare the different energies of touch and it was there where I realized who I was most IN TOUCH with that evening. What is so amazing is that each week our energy changes, at different times one syncs with different people. IN TOUCH MEN’s goal is to show you that touch is fluid and our community of men is a fantastic space to explore and enjoy conscious MAN 4 MAN touch together.

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