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Last night things really fell into place at our RELAXATION LOUNGE.

Two old school IN TOUCH MEN from longe before our COVID close down and two new amazing, handsome and robust IN TOUCH MEN joined me on the tables. My body is beyond happy.

I have missed touch more than you know. Diving back into my personal Clinical Massage practice after this past year has been great. The universe is sending me so many exciting teachers. I have always seen the clients and the men who join workshops as my teachers. Each time I get to place my hands on a human being or get a set of hands placed on my body with conscious, focused intent, I LEARN SO MUCH.

Last night we had one table set up with two guys working and one with three. Basil and I were working on Juan. I started on his upper back Basil on his legs. We worked independently for a bit, and at the end of our time, we blended our movements and finished the session with long strokes from Juan's feet to his upper traps. As Basil and I matched each other with our actions, the three of us, for a moment, blended deeply into one relaxation movement. It was super cool.

Although I feel amazing, I am never excited to see workshops end. However, it is at the end when something beautiful always happens. We take a moment to gather and share something we received from either the giving, receiving, or both sides of the touch we just shared. AMAZING nuggets always surface. Last night we had a wonderful conversation about the real difference between sensual and sexual touch.

We talked about how sensual touch that genuinely follows the path of engaging all the senses is healing and powerful, for both the giver and receiver. We shared how we felt about how sensual touch ( touch that engages all one's senses) can quickly turn into Sexual Touch and the differences between the two. It was such a learning moment for me. As always, when this topic rises (excuse the pun), we land on CONSENT, the key to all conscious touch. Thank you to the beautiful IN TOUCH MEN who enlightened my Tuesday night.

Sat Nam

Photo: Brian Riley 2012, SKIN available for purchase in different sizes.

Please inquire for details.

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