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Small is sometimes good....

Last night at my IN TOUCH MEN'S WORKSHOP in Montclair, N.J. I had a small group. 2 IT MEN and myself. We worked on each other with 4 handed massage sessions. IT WAS AMAZING! one of the guys when asked about how he felt, said “I FEEL LOVED” it was so great the way he said it with no pause in a straight forward and honest way. HOW AMAZING IT WAS!

If you ever have the opportunity to receive a four handed massage DO IT. When more then one set of hands gets on the body it deeply effect ones proprioception ( the ability to know where our body is in space. ) With 4 hands this internal guarding mechanism gets confused, and in so doing it allows the body to relax without even knowing it.

What was so great about last night was the multiple moments of full on massage bliss, when on could not tell how many hands were working or where they were going next. Some times i was pull in many directions then moved back into moments of synchronized perfection.

It was BLIS-BLIS-BLIS on a cold and rainy night.

If you are thinking about joining us for a workshop, DI IT!

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1 commentaire

Membre inconnu
11 déc. 2019

Brian I have never experienced it, but from all I've heard it is an amazing event. Hope to get on your table sometime. Be well.

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