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SOUNDS like fun.

The thing I enjoy most about massage is its ability to create space.

Massage is a doorway into the complex, sometimes balanced, often knot (haha) physical and energetic human bodies.

Did you know you had more than one body? You do—the Yogis talk of ten bodies working in tandem to manifest a human form. They also speak of 72,000 vibrating strings that link to the heavens above. These strings resonate with the physical plane's diverse energy fields; within this vibration, we become who we are in the world.

If you do your meditation practice and you achieve a complete balance of these 72,000 strings, you become one with all of creation. CAREFUL NOW, if that happens, it is said you vanish into the ethers...

Now back to space. BRLMT ART & WELLNESS and IN TOUCH MEN has a beautiful new one in Montclair, New Jersey. Yesterday while I was setting up the new digs, I felt a true coming together of so many things I have experienced on my journey into ART, BODYWORK, and the creating of numerous spaces for healing.

I was sitting in my comfortable chair, looking around the room. My eyes kept returning to the far right corner. What was going to go there, I thought. Then it hit me MY GONG. Yes, GONG, as in 36" symphonic sound resonating kick-ass healing and attuning instrument of sound perfection.

Sound, one of the most beautiful elements of human existence, is also a profoundly healing tool.

Let's loop back to the 72,000 strings mentioned above. You can think of these like the strings of any instrument, and what's an essential part of any concert? It is the tunning that takes place beforehand. Symphonic GONGS are the only instrument on the planet that creates a full spectrum of sound. Many of you may have heard the term SOUND BATH before. Adding the sound of the gong to a healing session gives our 72,000 strings a tune-up. With each strike, a full spectrum sound begins to fill the space inside and outside of you. It reaches in deeper than touch to the smallest of spots, the nooks, and crannies between your cells. The sound supports, refreshes, expands, and tunes up your entire system.

I am super excited to now have space to use this powerful tool to help my community. Let's talk about adding some GONG to your treatment.

I have openings, masks are on, a beautiful art show is hung, and the space is ready.

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