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The Interstitium sounds like a far away galaxy one travels to in a space adventure yet it is a new organ recently identified inside the human body. The internet is ablaze with this new and from my “uber body geek” perspective, amazing identification. Discovery is a hard word for me to use being that so many of the healing modalities I employ daily work so well with and within this system. From my signature rhythmic Isochronic Touch to Mantra, Tuning Fork Therapy, Gong, Cupping and Hydration, this fluid filled network of spaces between spaces is worth investigating on your own. Scientists are defining this new organ as the largest in the human body…. How cool is it to be alive in the year 2018 when we find something so large that was blind to us for so long. I think about all my teachings as I contemplate the Interstitium, it is so often in the pause, rest or the words between the words where I find the truth. We all know the saying “Make sure to read between the lines”...I hope that with this new found system will open more doorways for healing modalities, like the ones I practice, to continue making their way back into the conversation of Western medicine.

The Interstitium as the space between spaces has been a running theme in my artwork since I began my study of healing modalities. I selected a few to share with you, I hope you enjoy them and Google the Interstitium, it's cool.

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