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My bodywork practice is constantly shifting, growing, and expanding. A new bodywork arena I am investigating with fellow intouchmen is two-way touch. M4M touch, I feel, is unique. When approached with clear communication and intentions, it can be playful, freeing, exploratory, and joyful.

We all need touch these days. Our body is not only our flesh. We are physical, emotional, sensual, and spiritual beings. We need to feel engaged in all these plans of being, or blockages in energy lead to physical and emotional problems.

Many yoga teaching state that desire is the most potent force in the universe. It pulls things together to manifest other. In M4M bodywork, when the energy is flowing, and both the giver and the receiver have agreed to touch and be touched, a beautiful flow of two points can emerge.

This energy, if expressed simply erotically, leads to a sexual encounter and a release of life force that can often leave one feeling drained and somewhat uncomfortable. The experience becomes transactional and incomplete.

When both parties enter a two-way-touch M4M massage with proper intention, one of growth, expansion, and healing on all our planes mentioned above of existence, not simply erotic release, a profound connection invigorates both partners with life force energy.

So as you explore your practice, talk out your intention, examine the entirety of all your body's needs, touch and be touched, and feel what it means to be human.

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