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As life ebbs and flows like the waves along the shore…a reference I am so eager to

re-engage with this weekend on my first trip back to Fire Island Pines for the 2018 season… I think about my practices. The daily moments where I consciously engage with

(that something) bigger that accompanies me as I walk my path.

Lately, along my journey, new and exciting opportunities have been presenting themselves. I realize they are all moments of contemplation like the scenic overlooks scattered across American highways. On my last quest across America I made sure to stop at the overlooks to give myself an extra moment to feel the beauty that surrounded me.

Recently a path I once walked has re-emerged, a scenic overlook per se, a moment of contemplation. It has brought to mind a distinct feeling I have felt before while hiking. That moment when overgrowth and brush covers the path you walk and for a bit you wonder if you are still on track as you push blindly forward through the woods… Then, if you are aware, you feel the moment when you see the brownness of walked earth re-emerging, and with a sigh of relief you continue.

Life is built out of the times when brush covers the path.

Over the past month a path I walked over 23 years ago as a boy has re-emerged. I found myself back to the dojo, to practice the traditional Okinawan style of karate known as

Isshin-Ryū. As I stand in relaxed position, heels touching, feet 45, hands at the side, eyes straight ahead, I today stand with an awareness that I did not have as a boy. On this new patch of brown earth, at this dojo overlook, my perspectives have changed all because of the brush that covered my path, and I am thankful.

I know now as I move into ready position, shoulder width, feet straight, knees over toes, elbows in, fists out, that It is up to us to keep moving through the brush, because when we do, we create a new path, one distinctly our own.

Today on my dojo’s website I am inspired by their quote that reads:

“We won’t change the world. We prepare people who might.”

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