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Last night I hosted one of our weekly IN TOUCH MEN Massage Workshops in Montclair New Jersey. It was a small group, only 4 guys, but what a wonderful, relaxing, healing and fun time we had.

It was 2 hours to let go and share touch in a safe, fun, exploratory (believe it or not) non-sexual way. So often men's massage groups go straight for the "Tantric" bringing in all kinds of desires and expectations that always direct the energy of the group towards release, focusing the touch and the minds of all involved towards the cock, balls, and ass...When this happens, we all know what the results are, "release" as so many call it.

Do not get me wrong, I LOVE ALL THOSE PARTS of the male body as much as the next guy, and "release" is never not AMAZING!!! However... having taught 100's of men's touch workshops I have found that when you take the sexual aspect of touch out of the equation something AMAZING HAPPENS. We return to our original form of communication and begin to rediscover a way to heal one another through shared conscious touch.

When boners arose, as they always do, we admired them and made the conscious choice to moved on to the other 99% of the body that needs attention as well.

I hope if you are thinking about joining us at a workshop you do. The hardest work is getting you ass to class, once you do YO WILL LOVE HOW IT MAKES YOU FEEL.

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