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I have met many excellent IN TOUCH MEN the past few weeks as new members sign up, hoping that our group workshops will return soon. It is my goal to get them going as quickly as possible. I see them starting for guys who have completed their vaccination process first, so please get the shot when it's your turn.

Many of you have been asking about the workshop's format. So off I go with more details.

First and most important. IN TOUCH MEN likes friendly, attitude-free, sexy ( this is a broad category ) fun, health-conscious men, 18 to ... interested in touch, massage, holistic wellness, and discovering new things about this body the universe blessed you with. You must be interested in touching others and being touched always in a conscious and consensual way.

Our workshops are 40$ to attend and kept small for everyone involved to get the attention they deserve. We usually schedule a max of 10 guys for BEGINNERS BASICS, TRADE NIGHT, and FOUR HANDS-TEN HANDS, our most popular workshops.

Our BEGINNERS BASICS workshop introduces us to one another and goes over the IN TOUCH MEN house rules, our equipment's proper use, and our sanitation protocols. Then we move into a demo looking at the male body from the perspective of touch—the how to do, what to do, and why to do, of our IN TOUCH MEN touch techniques. After that, we pair up, break out the tables, practice, feel, feel and practice until we are all relaxed, refreshed, and recharged.

What I love most about our workshop's format is the opportunity, in a short period of time, to try your hands at giving on multiple bodies and receiving from various hands the touch techniques we are covering. This format allows the magic of IN TOUCH MEN to happen. Best of all we all leave with tangible things to take home and practice.

In our TOUCH TRADE NIGHTS, we follow the same format shrinking the bodywork demo down to a brief Q & A, maybe a quick technique spotlight for the night, and go right into the hands-on time. Trade night is for men who have attended our BASICS workshops or are skilled in touch already. We follow the same format as above, where we rotate from beautiful body to beautiful body and get to feel multiple sets of hands do what they do best, TOUCH.

In our FOUR HANDS TEN HANDS workshop, we enter into MASSAGE BLISS. After we discuss techniques and the body from a multiple-hand perspective, we set up one table and, one by one, lie down as the other, possibly nine men, so eighteen hands touch and massage together. What else needs to be said. BLISS

All our workshops are welcoming, excepting, and encouraging for men to be or get comfortable in their skin. You do not have to be buff; health-conscious is necessary. Smooth, hair, all good. You do not have to worry about your junk's size; we appreciate them all.

YOU DO! Have to be clean, fresh, and comfortable in various undress stages.

Throughout our workshops, erections happen, yet we do not take our touch in a sexual direction. Remember, communication and intention are vital to all bodywork. When a man is lying naked and being touched, erections happen. When a man is giving touch, erections happen; just because it does, it does not mean that he wants you to engage with him sexually. We are not a prude; however, we respect the IN TOUCH INTENTION, each other's bodies & boundaries.

WITH THAT SAID PLEASE DO NOT GET ME WRONG; sensuality is a beautiful component of touch and one worthy of exploration. Once we get to know you, and if you are interested, we host monthly invitation-only special events, most free of charge, that explore the more personal touch styles. EDGING, COUPLE SENSUAL MASSAGE, TANTRA, and more.

I moderate all IN TOUCH MEN workshops, or I carefully select a master of the touch craft we are exploring.

I hope this helps explain a bit more about the IN TOUCH MEN community located in Montclair, N.J. Currently, the table warmer is on for a ONE on ONE massage session with me, and soon with fingers crossed, our GROUP TOUCH will be back.

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