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about Brian R

Starting in 2004 photographer Brian R in a small studio on Canal Street in N.Y.C. began photographing everyday men he met online in the M4M section of Craig's List. Strangers when they arrived, and more often then not, strangers again when they left.


"We had a small window of time to become comfortable and intimate with each other. At our shoot we spent at most an hour together. This was my introduction to Tantric energy. It was in this body of work, shooting and editing the 1000's of photographs we made together where I became fascination with the body. I was always drawn to the figure visually, however as I did this work I began to deeply feel its energy as well. I still remember the day when I shot with a yogi from Mexico City, after he left I could sense his energy, strong and beautiful in my studio for days... I was hooked. You actually chose one of his images, SHOOTING WITH M, CANAL STREET"

Brian's work from this time has rarely been shown. A series of images from the early day of this series were published by the world renowned Dutch Photography magazine EYEMAZING with one of Brian's photographs appearing on its cover. This led to a small show with the Holden Luntz Gallery of Palm Beach Florida and then like his models,  Brian's work faded back into memory...


We at IN TOUCH MEN know GREAT things take time to blossom, and are super excited to bring these beautiful, thoughtful photographs back into the world.

We at IN TOUCH MEN hope you enjoy the show and we ask that you PLEASE consider purchasing one for your wall to help Brian and IN TOUCH MEN survive this CRAZY block in our collective paths.

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