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Exploring one's self-touch practice

If you have never spent the time to explore edging and dry release, you need to stop what you are doing and embark on a new journey. As you develop an ability to achieve maximum self-stimulation without shooting one's life force all over the place, you generate more and more personal power. This practice becomes more pleasurable as you develop the ability to have as many dry releases in a row as you wish.

In Ayurveda, OJAS is considered the finest fluid in the body; it is one's life force. By not spilling one's seed as often as most men do, we can build this power up and become better human beings.

Slowing down and paying attention to the details of your self-stimulus is critical. Can you find the muscles that contract when you bust? Can you willingly control them? Where is that point of no return? Can you not slip over the edge? With time, some great lube, and patience, you, too, can become more potent by controlling when you release the juice..

Identifying and changing your developed patterns is vital to growth in all areas of life. Self-stimulation is a beautiful practice to investigate. I hope you consider visiting us at a gathering soon and start your jour in touch with us.

Should we do a workshop on this? Let me know.

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