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Massage is not only about relaxing muscles. It is also about energy.

When two people come together as you do in massage, it is essential for each person, the giver and the receiver, to respect one another.

Just because someone is giving you a massage does not mean they are comfortable giving you more than just that. Sensual massage asks for more; it asks the giver and receiver to step further into their energetic and physical connection. Success only happens when both parties feel this energy. If only one member of the massage team feels sensual and the other does not, a session can go CREEPY FAST. Read the signal, and most importantly, TALK TO EACH OTHER.

If your bodyworker is open to stepping further, great; if they are not, respect their decision. If your client needs a more profound connection, talk with them about it, and investigate their needs before making an assumption. If members respect each other's roles and boundaries, wonderful M4M MASSAGE can manifest.

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