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OMG, we did it

I remember like it was yesterday walking into A&P 1, my first science class at The Swedish Institute for massage therapy in New York City. From that day many years ago until today, massage has taught my hands, body, mind, and soul more than can be expressed in words.

Last night will be another time I will never forget. IN TOUCH MEN returned with our first workshop in over a year and it was amazing. I send a HUGE thank you to Andrew, Basil, Joe (for trying), Todd, and Branden for stepping up and getting the MASSAGE TRADES GOING AGAIN. We spent two hours in bliss feeling and sharing the power of touch.

Last night brought into focus again the six tenants of ITM

  • Respect and celebrate your body and your touch.

  • Respect and celebrate your partner's body and their touch.

  • Respect and celebrate the space we manifest and hold together at IN TOUCH MEN.

  • Respect, celebrate, and cultivate the healing found through touch.

  • Remember that your thoughts are a form of touch.

  • Always when sharing touch start from a place of clear communication and consent.

What was and always is amazing to me is the power of group consciousness that takes place when we gather at IN TOUCH MEN. Last night we had an odd number of men, so as the faithful leader I sacrificed my time on the receiving end of the touch. HOWEVER... It did not matter, I was tuned in with the other men and found as deep a place of rest and relaxation while not having been on the table myself...

Tuesday evenings moving forward will be our RELAXATION LOUNGE; this is the place for all the IN TOUCH MEN who have developed some skills to gather, relax, and trade massage.

Thursday evening STARTING TOMORROW and weekly moving forward will be BACK TO BASICS, the place for new I-T MEN to begin and seasoned I-T MEN to refresh and


IT'S EASY! When you have your completed VACCINATION, just visit and book your spot on a table.

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