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The nature of oil is sensual

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

As we move into spring and the heat begins to rise, I dream of the warm sun on my body. Days grow longer, and we like the flowers start to blossom. This fall, we have been trading some great HOT OIL MASSAGE, and we will continue to explore this incredible style of touch. As the days heat up, we will segway into coconut oil as this is cooling and pleasing to the summer skin. I am excited to glide into summer with you all.

The nature of oil is sensual.

Sensuality in reference to massage is a word often misunderstood in our community. If done correctly, sensual touch extends the pleasure your partner feels. It brings the giver and the receiver into a deep place of bliss and energy. If one can ride the edge of this feeling, not passing the tipping point into release, one can build beautiful healing power in the body.

As a receiver, this type of bodywork is about remaining passive to fully feel and enjoy the touch as it teaches you things about your body. As the giver, Sensual Touch is about clear communication. Once you have gained your partner's consent for you to touch the entirety of their body, it is your job to make the session all about them. Yes, touching is a sensual act; yes, you may become aroused; however, it is essential to remember that the massage is not about you. It is about the person on the table.

The self-control of both is where the energy builds once we slip into a desire that is where we move into erotic touch. It's a fine line worth exploring.

IN TOUCH MEN is all about this balancing point. We find the edge of touch and respect it. We are not shy to touch; we explore the entire body of our partners with curiosity, respect, and care. Boners come and go; balls rise and fall, yet masturbating our partners is not where we go. We work the entirety of the men we massage; we explore and learn not to get caught in the EROTIC trap because once you slip over the edge, our power is released, and the night is over.

Photo By Brian Riley "J visits the studio" 2013

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